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Feb 26, 2018

Join Jason, Gary, Sion and Patrick as we discuss our Netflix picks for February 2018, featuring...

BRIGHT, the film in which fairy lives don't matter. And neither does plot, character motivation or backstory. But character chemistry and fun action do, so there's that.

And be sure to check out Lindsay Ellis' video essay on the apotheosis of lazy worldbuilding in Bright.

RETRIBUTION aka ONE OF US, in which two Scottish families do their best to convince themselves that they're not in a Vince Gilligan series despite the looming presence of Lydia Rodarte-Quayle.


ALTERED CARBON, based on the book that envisioned a future of sex, drugs and rock n' roll, comes a series that envisions a future of sex, drugs and Edgar Allen Poe.

DIRTY MONEY, or "Mr. Robot - The Home Game" in which we learn that Volkswagon are naughty boys, there's a such a thing as a strategic maple syrup reserve and Donald Trump is the president. 

Thanks for listening and be sure to join us next month for more Netflix madness!

Jan 23, 2018

Join Jason, Patrick and Sion as we continue our Summer of Sean Connery (hey, it's summer somewhere!) with bonus discussion of PT Anderson's The Phantom Thread!


IN THE HUNT for Red October, we learn that Russians are not always the bad guys...and Americans are not always the good guys...for example:

MARCO RAMIUS, who chooses a somewhat radical option for protesting his country's health care system

VASYLI BORODIN, whose matrimonial aspirations might work out better in Utah than Montana or Arizona

JACK RYAN, who probably sends a memo every week suggesting that America should just start swiping nuclear submarines. It was bound to eventually be a good idea!

ADMIRAL GREER, who finds your lack of faith disturbing

JONESY, who can hear invisible submarines and has Pavorati coming out of his...wherever

CAPTAIN MANCUSO, whose talent for remembering Playmate of the Month measurements will probably be more applicable in the civilian job market

AND FRED THOMPSON, who takes patriotic pride in dumps of an unplanned nature

Jan 14, 2018

JOIN JASON, GARY AND SION as we discuss our latest binges on Netflix, with in-depth coverage of series 4 of Peaky Blinders!

And be sure to join us on Facebook in our binge-watching, film-loving, stream-addicted group, "I Can't Stop Watching Netflix!"

We open with a short discussion of some of the shows we've been watching, including...

GODLESS, in which we learn that there's nothing a man can do that a woman can't do better, unless that man is Jeff Daniels or Sam Waterson in which case it's an even money bet

WANTED, for those who love Breaking Bad, Thelma & Louise and Australia but just can't seem to pick one.

WORMWOOD, in which we learn that you should probably either drop acid or work for the CIA. It's not good to do both.


And then we continue to our in-depth coverage of Peaky Blinders, featuring...

THOMAS SHELBY, who is not a traitor to his class, just an extreme example of what a working man can accomplish

POLLY SHELBY, who is evidently trying to sleep with everyone on Game of Thrones

ARTHUR SHELBY, who should probably stick to ranching and fixing cars instead of fights

JESSIE EDEN, who is red all over, not just on her right hand

ALFIE SOLOMONS, who is thinking of retiring...maybe to Italy...nah

ABERAMA GOLD, whose red right hand has a finger of unusually small size...little, one might call it

AND LUCA CHANGRETTA, who will make the Blinders an offer they can't understand

Enjoy the show, and be sure to join us soon for the sheckond in our sheries of the Shummer of Sean Connery: The Hunt for Red October

And next month when we begin our tribute to a true San Francisco hero, Dave Toschi (who passed this week at age 86), starting with 1968's class Steve McQueen film, Bullitt.

Oct 29, 2017


Join Jason, Gary and Jay as we discuss Alan J. Pakula's 1976 classic, "All The President's Men," featuring..


BOB WOODWARD'S amazing grasp of human language

CARL BERNSTEIN'S record breaking nicotine consumption

BEN BRADLEE'S cranky insistence on verifiable facts

THE DARK WISDOM of Deep Throat

HUGH SLOAN'S shattered idealism

AND DON SEGRETTI'S nickel and dime rat fracking operation



Oct 15, 2017

Join Jason, Patrick and Malik as we natter about the classic 1986 sword and sorcery fantasy action extravaganza, Highlander! Featuring...

CONNOR MCCLEOD, born in 1518 in Glenfinnan...not France...definitely definitely not France.

JUAN SANCHEZ VILLALOBOS RAMERIZ, the "effeminate" Egyptian Spaniard who doesn't like Scottish food...played by Sean Connery.


HEATHER MCCLEOD nee MACDONALD, Connor's second wife who's a tad more groovy with the whole "possessed by Lucifer" thing.


BRENDA WYATT, NYPD's resident metallurgist who is willing to overlook a decapitation or two if it means she can do the no pants dance with a guy with a severe abdominal wound.


THE KURGAN, the strongest of the immortals, not quite a people person. Bit of an introvert.


Aug 30, 2017

Join Jason, Alan, Patrick, Andrew and Gary as we discuss episode 7x07 of Game of Thrones: The Dragon and the Wolf, featuring...

EURON going full player character, skipping dialogue and jumping straight to the "bad guy" option on the response tree.

BRIENNE telling Jaime that loyalty cannot coexist with zombies.

BRONN telling Jaime that it's all cocks from here on in

THE HOUND and Brienne coparenting like a couple of divorcees

LITTLEFINGER'S failure of imagination


THEON manning up by not staying down




AND JON AND DANY playing Aunts in the Pants

Aug 23, 2017


Join Jason, Gary, Sion, Donielle, Patrick and Alan as we natter about episode 7x06 of Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall!

Featuring: Tormund and the Hound breaking Gendry's balls, Jon whipping it out for Jorah, zombie Direbear!, Dragons vs. frickin' ice zombies!, the Hound in no house throwing stones, frickin' zombie dragon! And Jon and Dany...sharing a moment.

Aug 15, 2017

Join Jason, Sion, Gary, Alan and Patrick as we natter about episode 7x05 of Game of Thrones: Eastwatch, featuring...

DAENERYS "liberating" the Tarlys from the burden of not being a pile of ashes


ARYA learning that little fingers hold big secrets


BRONN AND JAIME'S trip down the River of Teleportation


JON AND DROGON sharing a moment


SAM Samstepping on Gilly's big reveal

TYRION'S PLANS turning to ash...but not in his mouth

Aug 7, 2017


Join Jason, Sion, Patrick and Andrew as we discuss episode 7x04 of Game of Thrones: The Spoils of War, featuring...

LITTLEFINGER AND DR. BRANHATTAN trying to out creepy each other


ARYA ASSURING SANSA that she's not on the list


BRIENNE AND POD getting a lesson in swinging their swords



BRON getting his smirk with Dickon



JAIME suffering from PTSD: Post Targaryen Stress Disorder


CERSEI opening her new credit card from the Iron Bank


JON doing a little spelunking with Dany, if you know what I mean. And if you don't, I mean literally going into an actual cave made out of stone. She's is AUNT you big pervs!


ALL THE DICKON you can handle and more!


AND DROGON taking one for the team!

Aug 7, 2017


GARY, JASON AND SION give their instant take of Game of Thrones episode 7x03: The Spoils of Dickon...err...War.

With bonus discussion of the Netflix original series Ozark.

And join us later this week for our full coverage of this epic episode!

Jul 31, 2017


Join Jason, Patrick, Gary Alan and our special guest the one and only Aron Hubbard of Bald Move as we discuss episode 7x03 of Game of Thrones: The Queen's Justice, featuring...

JON AND DANY getting a little glass

EURON being a real pisser

SAM catching up on a little light reading

ELLARIA having the worst Mother's Day ever

LADY OLENNA holding her liquor

VARYS deciding whether to choke the life out of Melisandre now or wait until she returns from home (choke her now! choke her now!)

Jul 27, 2017


Join Jason, Sion and Gary for our discussion of Game of Thrones 7x02: Stormborn, including...


JON AND SANSA agreeing to disagree about whether they've agreed to disagree


GREY WORM AND MISSANDEI getting it off and getting it on


JAIME AND CERSEI meeting the famous Dickon Tarly


ARYA reminiscing over hot pie with Hot Pie


DAENERYS completing the map room level of Dragonstone II: The Dragonstonening


AND THEON taking a dunk and feeling irked

Jul 18, 2017


Join Jason, Sion, Donielle, Patrick and Alan as we discuss episode 7x01 of Game of Thrones: Dragonstone, featuring...

ARYA (hopefully) adding a certain singer/songwriter to her murder list


EURON heading euroff to eurwhoknowswhere


CERSEI mapping out her options


DAENERYS learning that castles...made of sand...slip into the sea...e-ven-tu-ally


BRIENNE teaching Pod the Rod how not to get scrod


JON getting the concept of rewarding loyalty and punishing betrayal instead of constantly doing the opposite Sansasplained to him.


AND SAM just farting around with the same old shyte.


CHECK OUT Pat Sponaugle's blog here.



Jul 5, 2017


JOIN JASON, Gary and Sion for our coverage of the Coen Brothers' 1996 classic Fargo. Aw..geez.

Jul 2, 2017


Join Jason and Andrew for our throwdown of the original 1956 Invasion of the Body Snatchers and the 1978 pornstachstastic remake, featuring...


KEVIN MCCARTHY and Donald Sutherland as Misters Doctors Matthews/Miles Bennells


DANA WYNTER and Brooke Adams and the Elizabeths/Beckys Driscolls


KING DONOVAN and Jeff Goldblum as the Jacks Belicec


CAROLYN JONES and Veronica Cartwright as Teddy/Nancy Belicec


AND LEONARD NIMOY playing against type as an emotionless space alien


AND BE SURE to check out Meg Tilly's awesome monologue from 1993's reimagined "Body Snatchers"

Jun 22, 2017


Join Jason, Sion and Andrew as we natter about episode 3x10 of Better Call Saul: Lantern, featuring...


CHUCK ROAST fighting the powers that be

HOWARD boldly seeking out new worlds and new civilizations where Chuck has any sort of excuse for himself

KIM opting for the good stuff


HECTOR working through his daddy issues


AND JIMMY living life, as ever, on the wire


Jun 17, 2017


JASON talks to attorney Steven Keslowitz about his new book Why You Better Call Saul. (link here)

Mr. Keslowitz is also the author of The World According To The Simpsons, The Tao of Jack Bauer and From Poland to Brooklyn.

Jun 15, 2017


Join Jason, Sion and Andrew as we natter about episode 3x09 of Better Call Saul: Fall, featuring...

CRASHIN' KIMMIE, a woman out standing in her field


LYDIA AND MIKE deciding to skip the whole "new employee orientation" thing and get straight to the money laundering


NACHO patiently waiting for Don Hector to take a pill


SLIPPIN' JIMMY'S transformation into Riggin' Bingo Jimmy

AND CHUCK AND HOWARD getting things mixed up





Jun 7, 2017

Join Jason and Andrew as we natter about episode 3x08 of Better Call Saul: Slip, featuring...

JIMMY discovering that working for shmug shmealers is better than working for shmouche shmozzles.

MIKE EHRMANTROUT, a man out standing in his field


NACHO, who may need to switch to decaf


KIM giving Howard one last document to review


AND CHUCK going out for a little stroll

Jun 6, 2017


Join Jason and Sion for our instant take of Better Call Saul 3x08: Spin! And catch us later this week for our full podcast of this ep!

May 29, 2017


In this very special Memorial Day edition of the Natter Cast, Jason and Sion talk with actor Francisco Cordova who played the booking officer in episode 3x03 of Better Call Saul: Sunk Costs.


If you would like a transcript of our interview with Mr. should start typing as soon as it starts playing.

May 25, 2017


Join Jason, Andrew and Sion as we discuss episode 3x07 of Better Call Saul: Expenses. Featuring...

SLIPPIN' JIMMY'S transformation into Pickin' Up Trash For The County Jimmy

KIM throwing the book at Paige


MIKE sowing his oats at Pancakes Anonymous

AND NACHO taking a pill

May 23, 2017


Join Jason, Sion and Gary for our instant take of Better Call Saul 307: Expenses.  And join us later in the week for our full cast of the ep!

May 18, 2017


Join Jason, Sion and Andrew for our coverage of Better Call Saul 3x06: Off Brand, featuring:

SLIPPIN' KIMMIE'S closing argument in defense of Breakin' And Enterin' Jimmy.


SAUL GOODMAN sporting a look that says "you can trust me because I'm in the witness protection program."

NACHO sewing up a thing or two.

CHUCK'S midnight stroll in...SPACE PANTS!


AND LYDIA AND GUS doing some location scouting for the Fring Cave.

May 16, 2017


Join Jason and Sion for our instant take of Better Call Saul 3x06: Off Brand. And join us later this week for our full podcast!

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